Video activity for teachers

Every teacher knows that videos are great resources for English lessons. There are many advantages in using them, for instance:

  • they may be fun and add a change of pace
  • they are good for visual learners
  • they help bring a subject to life
  • the language in videos is usually more natural
  • the language is set in a real context
  • students hear natural pronunciation, stress and intonation
  • depending on what is shown (and how the teacher approaches), videos can make a lesson memorable
  • showing a short video can be as effective as a whole movie
  • video can be a great way to practice a wide variety of language skills

(Adapted from:

Some weeks ago, I came accross a video of a guy named Gavin on Facebook (you can follow his page here, it is great!) about 10 amazing suffixes in English and I learned a lot with it. So, as at the language school I work for as a coordinator we have a weekly meeting to study together, talk about our work etc., I decided to take it as an activity and we had lots of fun together.

Adapted from:

If you consider using it with teachers (or with advanced students) in your school, here is what I did:

  1. Ask the teachers what are some common suffixes we have in English (For instance: -ing, -ed, -ly, -ible, -able etc.). They can say words with the suffixes, too.
  2. Watch the video “10 sufixos incríveis da língua inglesa”. Although Gavin speaks Portuguese, it is a great opportunity to learn.
  3. Teachers get up and go around the classroom to pick the suffixes and put them with the appropriate words to form correct expressions (before the meeting, stick slips of paper on the wall. You can spread words and suffixes separately, so everybody has to move around). This moment is so good!
  4. Complete the senteces – Each teacher chooses a slip of paper with a sentence to be completed. Think of other words you haven’t seen in the video, too.
  5. Communicating – Start and the teachers continue a conversation using as much expressions you have studied as you can. For this, you can give each teacher a word they should include in the conversation as it goes on (Or you can show a word as they talk).You can download the material I’ve created for this class here: 10 Suffixes in English. If you use it, please let me know how it worked. 🙂

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